How We Assist


  1. Provide prayer, listening and talking time with patients and families.

  2. Provide gas cards as needed for transportation to chemo treatments/appointments.

  3. Provide transportation to appointments for patients without transportation.

  4. Meals for Cancer  patients and family members as needed.

  5. Assist with small doctor co-pays for treatment upon request

  6. Our organization members visit with patients in the hospital and in their homes.

  7. We will provide housekeeping services if needed.

  8. Upon request, we will attend appointments with patients for support.

  9. Annual Faith Donations are awarded to Cancer patients that are either currently going through treatment, had become disabled from the result of having cancer, and were not able to return to work due to having cancer and/or a financial hardship due to Cancer. The minimum amount is $500.00 that is awarded to each recipient.

  10. We make an effort to find ways that will make the Cancer Patients and family members more comfortable during this difficult period.

  11. BOFCO also volunteer and support other Cancer Organizations such as American Cancer Society during their Relay for Life and Strides Against Breast Cancer Events, Susan G. Komen,  as well as other local Cancer Organizations/ Businesses.  

  12. This is not an exhausted list of services that are currently provided.

    Believers of Faith Cancer Organization will always search for additional services that can assist Cancer Patients and their Families.

    BOFCO will continue to provide services to Cancer Patients while also showing support to their Family Members. You will not have to take this journey alone.