Opportunities to help


Here are some ways you can assist to further the goals and visions of the organization:

    1.  Make a donation. By making a donation to our Organization, we can continue to provide the services needed to assist Cancer Patients and their families. Donations can be mailed to: P.O.Box 821861 Vicksburg MS 39182 or made on Paypal.com by using email address: believersoffaith10@yahoo.com

    2. Financial donations are always helpful, however, time is a commodity that is rare, precious and memorable. Get involved.
      See any member or click http://www.bofcancer.org/opportunities-to-help/join/ to complete our membership form .

    3. As events are posted on social media, like, share, re­tweet, etc.

    4. Spread the word. You have influence. Share the organization’s quest to improve the lives of cancer patients in our Community and surrounding areas.

    5. Support BOFCO fundraising efforts by attending functions and/or making a donations.

All donations made to Believers of Faith Cancer Organization are tax deductible.

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